Can Orthodontics Fix Facial Asymmetry?

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. It can affect how they perceive you, and more importantly, how you perceive yourself. A big part of this begins with your smile and jaw. There is a lot of evidence that shows that orthodontic treatment can address issues like facial asymmetry. At Seabreeze Orthodontics, we want you to move through your life with confidence. Let’s examine what facial asymmetry is and how our team of orthodontists could help to correct it.

What are the causes of facial asymmetry?

As you get older, you may think your facial structure is permanently set. This is usually true since your bones are no longer growing as when you were younger. However, your cartilage is still growing, and this can alter your facial symmetry as you get older. There are other reasons you may find yourself dealing with asymmetry that you may not have thought about. Genetics and aging, such as uneven muscles, accidents, injuries, and infections can cause asymmetry. 

Several severe health issues can lead to facial asymmetry. Bell’s Palsy is a viral infection that causes facial paralysis of the muscles on one side of your face. A less common condition is called Torticollis, also known as “twisted neck.” This causes your neck muscles to rest in an abnormal position and result in facial asymmetry. This usually occurs in the womb, and both of these conditions are typically temporary. Other causes can include lifestyle choices such as smoking, sun damage from tanning or overexposure, and certain dental procedures. 

What are the effects of facial asymmetry?

Your face helps you feel confident, and what makes you appear confident to other people. Studies have even found that humans usually prefer a more symmetrical face. Beyond confidence, facial symmetry can reveal the state of your health. While nobody has perfect facial symmetry, there are cases where your asymmetry may be more than just a matter of how you look. Facial asymmetry can be problematic for functionality. For example, it can disrupt the way you speak and eat and even cause jaw or head pain. 

Facial asymmetry can even be a sign of severe medical issues. In some cases, it’s a symptom or side effect of underlying, perhaps even undiagnosed, problems such as sleep apnea or a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. These conditions can have a much more damaging effect on your overall health, with more severe consequences than less-than-stellar aesthetics. Don’t worry, Seabreeze Orthodontics is here to help. Our educated team offers personalized care for your smile goals to give you the smile you deserve.

Can Orthodontics Fix Facial Asymmetry?

How can orthodontics help?

If you want to seek treatment for facial asymmetry, Seabreeze Orthodontics has a variety of different solution options. Our team of expert orthodontists is passionate about helping people achieve the kind of smile they deserve. We have several treatments that can help align your face to your ideal standards:

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common type of fixed orthodontic appliance. The brackets are made of a mix of stainless steel and other high-quality metals, giving them long-lasting durability. Modern metal braces are lighter and more comfortable compared to bulky, painful braces of the past. They come with elastic bands that help with bite correction and come in different colors so you can add some fun personality to your treatment!

Clear Braces

Also referred to as “ceramic braces,” clear braces work the same way metal braces do but with a sleeker, more invisible appearance. While clear braces are about the same size and shape as metal braces, they’re made with tooth-colored, polycrystalline ceramic material and elastic ties. Since they have a discreet appearance, clear braces tend to be a popular choice amongst adults and older teens. The only downside to clear braces is that they are less durable and more prone to damage. With the right care and attention, they’re just as effective as metal braces. They can be pricier, but luckily, we offer flexible payment plans and automatic bank drafts, and we will consult your insurance company for orthodontic benefits. Our treatment coordinators will be happy to go over the cost with you at your first consultation.


Don’t want a mouth full of metal brackets and wire? Invisalign retainers have a similar appearance as clear braces but without wires and metal. They are easily removable and made using photos and X-rays of your mouth taken by our team to make a custom fit for you. Just like clear braces, this nearly invisible aesthetic is a popular choice for older orthodontic patients. To be effective, you will have to wear these aligners for twenty-two hours a day. Most patients wear theirs for nine to fifteen months depending on their needs and go through several trays throughout their treatment.

Can Orthodontics Fix Facial Asymmetry?

Get the facts at Seabreeze Orthodontics

All treatments have their ups and downs, and we know you have a set of needs for your unique smile. No matter your age or requirements, our team has the hands-on training and experience to help you with your goal. Our warm and professional office features up-to-date orthodontic technology to make choosing your orthodontic treatment options as stress-free as possible. If you still have questions about different treatment options, Dr. Juan would love to meet you for your FREE consultation to get you started on your journey to a better smile.