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Dr. Juan offers treatment for patients of all ages around Myrtle Beach because everyone deserves a fantastic smile. You'll find a full range of orthodontics for children, teens, and adults at Seabreeze Orthodontics.

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Orthodontics for children

As a parent in Myrtle Beach or the surrounding area, you want the best for your child. That includes healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Kids should get an orthodontic check-up by 7

Your child's oral health depends on having well-aligned teeth and a balanced bite. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child in Myrtle Beach gets an orthodontic at age seven.

By this age, your child's teeth have grown enough for us to spot potential issues with jaw development and new teeth emerging. We can even see these issues while some baby teeth are still in place. This evaluation might show that your child's bite is fine and won't need braces.

Sometimes, Dr. Juan might notice a developing concern but suggests keeping an eye on your child's growth and development. If necessary, your child can start treatment at the right time.

In certain cases, Dr. Juan might find a problem that could benefit from early intervention. If this happens, our team will walk you through the process, making sure you and your child are comfortable every step of the way.

Choosing the best time for treatment

The best age for orthodontic treatment varies by child, but it most often starts between nine and 14. Some orthodontic problems are easier to correct if we spot them early.

If Dr. Juan thinks your child will need treatment, he'll let you know the best time to start. This gives us the best chance to:

  • Guide jaw growth
  • Lower the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth
  • Correct harmful oral habits
  • Improve appearance and self-esteem in your child
  • Guide permanent teeth into a more favorable position
  • Create a more pleasing arrangement of teeth, lips, and face

Signs the bite's not right

It's not always easy to tell when your child needs braces or has an orthodontic problem. Even teeth that appear straight may hide a bite problem.

Here are some clues that your child could benefit from an orthodontic exam with Dr. Juan:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked-out teeth
  • Jaws that are too far forward or back
  • Biting the cheek or biting into the roof of the mouth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Upper and lower teeth that don't meet or meet in an abnormal way
  • An unbalanced facial appearance
  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth
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Your child's healthy smile starts early

Many problems adults face with their teeth could have been prevented as a child with less painful, and cheaper options.

That's what the Early Smiles Club is all about. As a member, we help you and your child catch any problems leading to braces so that not only can braces be less painful but we can potentially decrease treatment time.

Complete the form below and download a 10-page brochure explaining how your child will benefit from seeing an orthodontist.


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Orthodontics for teens

Beyond outward appearances, untreated dental problems can impact your teen's oral and overall health.

If you notice these issues, we recommend a free exam with Dr. Juan, as they can be signs your teen may benefit from orthodontic treatment:

  • Crowding or extra spacing between teeth
  • Difficulty with chewing or biting
  • Early, late, or irregular loss of their baby teeth
  • Frequent biting of the cheek or the inside of the mouth
  • Jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face
  • Jaws that shift or make sounds
  • Protrusion of teeth
  • Teeth that meet abnormally or not at all

Fixing bite issues

Diagnosing and treating bite problems has benefits that are truly life-changing. Problems classified as "bad bites" can often be minimized with the proper orthodontic treatment, including:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Missing or extra teeth
  • An overbite or underbite
  • Incorrect jaw position
  • A disorder of the jaw joint

Benefits of a straight smile

Straight teeth that respond well to orthodontic treatment have many benefits, including:

  • Being less prone to wear and tear, chipping, and tooth trauma
  • Being easier to keep clean, helping to prevent tooth decay and cavities
  • Improving proper chewing and digestion of food
  • Reducing the chances of developing gum disease, which can result in bone loss, decay, and tooth loss
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Orthodontics for adults

It's never too late to benefit from orthodontic treatment at Seabreeze Orthodontics. Adults in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area currently make up about one in every five of our orthodontic patients. Here's why:

Teeth shift with time

Believe it or not, your teeth don't stop moving as an adult. Teeth that once seemed straight in your teen years can shift as you age, causing jaw pain, trouble brushing, or a smile you're unhappy with.

Look & feel your best

Orthodontic treatment can correct crooked teeth or spaces you've been self-conscious about for years. It can give you the confidence and pride that come with straight teeth and a great smile.

Maintain your dental health

Misaligned teeth may cause other dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. You may also have difficulty chewing or abnormal wear on the surface of your teeth.

FAQs about orthodontics in Myrtle Beach

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Start your new smile today

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