Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Child’s Teeth

Small children pick up a lot of bad habits, and while these can be annoying for parents, most of them aren’t anything you’d need to confer with an orthodontist over. There are some habits, however, that can compromise the appearance and function of a child’s smile. These quirks can result in tooth decay, misalignments, and […]

Trust Your Smile to an Experienced Orthodontist

Trust Your Smile to an Experienced Orthodontist

Here at Seabreeze Orthodontics, we know that you want the best for yourself and your family. That includes high-quality dental care and healthy, beautiful smiles! Moreover, your oral health plays a massive contributing role in your overall health, and the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile can be life-changing. Many people understandably consider visiting […]

Orthodontic Care In 2021

Orthodontic Care In 2021

After a fairly difficult 2020, things are finally starting to look up. Though some of us may be wavering in our resolve to hold true to our New Year’s resolutions we set back in January, it’s not too late to commit to caring for your smile in the upcoming months! There’s no better time than […]

Keeping Yourself Safe and Healthy with Invisalign During COVID-19

Keeping Yourself Safe and Healthy with Invisalign During COVID-19

The trials and tribulations caused by COVID-19 may have interfered with plans and forced us to put some projects on hold, but they won’t stop you from achieving a straighter smile. Seabreeze Orthodontics is proud to offer a variety of treatment options for anyone looking to improve their oral health, including Invisalign clear aligners! This […]


How Much Do Braces Cost?

There’s no getting around the fact that orthodontic treatment of any kind requires an investment of your time and money. However, the benefits can last a lifetime, and if that’s not a worthwhile investment, we don’t know what is! Yet one question we hear most often here at Seabreeze Orthodontics is, “how much will braces […]

the benefits of choosing an orthodontist over mail-order aligners

Benefits Of An Orthodontist Over Mail-Order Aligners Aligners

It seems like every day it gets easier to get almost anything we need cheap, fast, and delivered to your door. There’s no denying that this kind of convenience culture has many benefits, but there have been a few unintended consequences as well. That’s true even in the world of orthodontics! Over the last year or […]



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