How to Prevent White Spots?

One of the common reasons that people come to Seabreeze Orthodontics is to improve their appearance through stunning, straight smiles. Unfortunately, it’s also possible for the appearance of your teeth to be damaged if you don’t properly care for your teeth during treatment. We get a lot of questions about “How to prevent white spots?” If you’ve ever seen white spots on people’s teeth after wearing braces, you know what we’re talking about!

Don’t worry, though, because your team of professionals at Seabreeze Orthodontics is here to support you every step of the way and ensure that you end your treatment with a smile that you love! Dr. Juan knows all about white spots, how they appear, and how to reduce your risk of getting them! Keep reading to hear all his suggestions below on how to prevent white spots and preserve your gorgeous grin with braces.

What are White Spots on Teeth?

White spots can sometimes appear on teeth during or after a patient has worn braces. They occur when acid has been in contact with tooth enamel for too long, leaving a stain from where it has dissolved minerals like calcium and leaving behind a white spot. 

These unsightly spots sometimes change and improve over time, but sometimes not. There are a few ways to reduce a white spot after it has appeared, like through whitening treatments. But the best cure is prevention in this case, so let’s talk about some ways to prevent white spots from appearing if you are wearing braces. 

Don’t Use Whitening Products

It might be tempting to want to spruce up your grin through whitening treatments before your braces come off. Unfortunately, this can have the opposite effect. Whitening treatments should only happen after your braces are off in order to properly cover all the surface area of your smile and reduce the chance of discoloration and white spots. If you are feeling super eager to whiten your smile, then plan for a visit to your dentist for a whitening treatment shortly after your braces come off!

At Seabreeze Orthodontics, we get a lot of questions about "How to prevent white spots?", so we're sharing all the tips and tricks to help!

Maintain Great Oral Hygiene

Since stains on your teeth are often a result of acids that come from bacteria and sugar growth, watching the foods that you eat, as well as keeping your mouth clean, are your best preventative tools. Be diligent about regularly brushing your teeth and braces, taking extra care to go around the brackets with an interproximal brush and floss or a water flosser. Be sure to brush twice per day and floss at least once to keep your teeth in great shape!

Try Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is a mineral that helps improve the strength of tooth enamel. It occurs naturally in our saliva, and most cities add it to the water supply to improve oral health. Some people need a little extra support, though, especially when they have braces on. This can be tended to with a special fluoride toothpaste or a fluoride treatment as recommended by your dentist. This added layer of protection can give your tooth enamel the boost it needs to fight off plaque and acid that would otherwise cause tooth decay, cavities, and white spots! 

Check in with our office if you have any questions about which toothpaste brands we recommend or if you need a more intensive fluoride treatment. We are here and ready to help you if you need us! 

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Just because you are coming in to see Dr. Juan regularly doesn’t mean you should skip seeing your regular dentist visits! Orthodontists and dentists have very different jobs–orthodontists are focused on shifting and aligning your teeth, and dentists focus more on the health of each individual tooth through cleaning and care! 

Go to your dentist’s office for deep cleaning at least every six months, depending on what your dentist recommends. This should happen with or without braces, but some might say it’s even more important with them! You’ll be glad you maintained your oral health throughout treatment when you see the spotless smile after your braces come off! 

Follow a Tooth-Friendly Diet

As we mentioned before, the types of substances that get onto your teeth and how long they stay there make a huge difference when it comes to oral health. Eating more sugary and acidic foods can help plaque to thrive, especially when your teeth aren’t being brushed or flossed thoroughly afterward. 

When you avoid bad foods while your braces are on, you are sure to see a huge difference in the results afterward! It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it to keep your smile bright and strong throughout your treatment with braces. 

At Seabreeze Orthodontics, we get a lot of questions about "How to prevent white spots?", so we're sharing all the tips and tricks to help!

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